Thursday, June 4, 2009

Update: Quebec Passes Anti-SLAPP Law

A last update to Louise's story that I have been following and writing about for Rush PR News. Yesterday Quebec was the first province to pass anti-SLAPP legislation. This new law not only gives judges the power to throw a case out that they deem abusive, or a SLAPP suit, but also gives defendants the right to recuperate costs incurred by their legal battle.

For some, this could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most importantly, the legislation applies to all cases currently in front of the court. This is fantastic news for Louise Auger and all others speaking out against injustices in our world.

For more on this story, please read my story "Anti-SLAPP Legislation Passed in Quebec".

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quebec Animals Rights SLAPP Suit Update

Last week, I posted an article I wrote on the SLAPP lawsuits. In this article, I mentioned the particular case of Louise Auger, a Quebec animal-rights activist.

Louise has been fighting for animals locally for over 30 years. Despite having retired last year, she continues to fight for and rescue animals at every chance. This fight has resulted in her being dragged into an ongoing court case with the Quebec municipal pound Inspecteur Canin.

RPRN recently published an update on the Louise Auger case.

Inspecteur Canin is a cruel and inhumane company, posturing as a caring safehaven. Unfortunately, they also have deeper pockets that Louise Auger, and so can afford to keep this case drag on.

On July 21st, arguments will be heard on her permanent injunction. In the meantime, I encourage everyone, if you haven't already done so, to please sign the petition and pass the word around.

If you would like to donate to her defense fund, please send all donations to:
Louise Auger
C.P 184
Saint-Hippolyte, Qc
J8A 3P5