Monday, January 18, 2010

Life's Fine Balance

When you write and blog for others all day long, it can be hard to find the time, (mental) energy, and creativity for one’s self--something that I had never considered when I first set out on this little adventure of mine.

I know writers who are so dedicated to their personal projects that they not only manage to etch out blocks of time for themselves in a week, but manage to productively use them! This is not to say that I am not dedicated to this project, despite what these last few months may demonstrate, but merely that I wasn’t endowed with the gift of balance. I often find myself going full-tilt in one direction with blinders on like an out-of-control calèche—something that I continuously need to work on with my calèche-driver Anne Waymann.

On top of the seemingly leaky hourglass, I also recently fell off the wagon. In October, when we were experiencing an unseasonable deep freeze on the East coast of Canada, I fell ill with a particularly nasty throat infection. It surprisingly kicked up a deeply suppressed cheese addiction.

And I’ve been gorging since.

So as part of the New Year, I have renewed some promises to myself: To write more for me and you, and To eat cheese no more.

I didn’t name myself the struggling vegan for nothing.

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