Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili on a Chilly Lunch Hour

Winter has, it seems, been here for a very long time. Winter months, I find, can be some of the hardest for this struggling vegan. Most nights, I want to snuggle up on the couch with a steaming mug of hot chocolate or a big bowl of mac'n'cheese.

For today's chilly lunchtime hour, I heated up a pot of (leftover) Sweet Potato Chili and whipped up some creamy polenta. As I have blogged this recipe before, leftovers seemed most fitting!

Now, polenta might not be your first choice with chili. However, polenta is a common go-to in my kitchen: quick, easy, and versatile. It is the perfect substitute for rice on those days where I neither have time nor energy and need a warm meal fast. Served fresh off the stove, polenta is soft and creamy.

1 cup corn meal
4 cups water
Pinch of salt

1- Once water is at a rolling boil, add cornmeal (polenta) whisking non-stop to prevent lumps.
2- After all cornmeal has been added, reduce heat to a low simmer and continue stirring, using your whisk or fork, until thick.
3- Cover pot and continue to stir every 5 minutes or so to prevent sticking. Cook 10-15 minutes.

 Heat up leftovers...

And serve with piping hot Sweet Potato Chili.

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