Thursday, February 19, 2009

Greenwashing At Its Best

While doing some online research today, I fell onto this site--thank you to the Google gods. From the Fur Council of Canada, This was certainly news to me! But, I must give kudos to the marketing genius behind this one. It is one of the best examples of marketing spin that I have ever seen.

The Fur Council claims that fur, like leather, suede, and all other animal products, is gentle on the environment because it's natural..."a true gift of nature". Furthermore, they point out, fur is both renewable (until the entire species is wiped out, I suppose), durable, biodegradable, and energy-efficient. They go on to claim that they are responsible "conservationists" for respecting hunting and trapping laws and for strictly ensuring that endangered animals are never used.

Now, derived from nature does not a green product make. Anything that uselessly and cruelly takes from Mother Nature to feed a senseless and wasteful need is in no way environmental. Moreover, it is the antithesis.

If you are looking for truly sustainable fashion, and I stress the word fashion, check out Kaight: environmentally-friendly and ethical.

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