Thursday, February 19, 2009

Veggie Satay with Vegetables on Brown Rice

Last night, I cooked what turned out to be a rather delicious dinner. Surprisingly. Dinner happened on the fly, piecemeal as I was too tired and too grumpy to actually go to the store. I found a package of Yves Satay Veggie Skewers in the freezer and it just snowballed from there. Brown rice, some frozen vegetables, a little tamari, and voilá!

Start by browning (and defrosting if you're me) the skewers on a non-stick pan. Turn heat down to medium, throw in as many veggies as you can possibly eat, and sautée until the vegetables are cooked through--hot but still crunchy. Once the brown rice is ready, drizzle some tamari, and serve. I finished off my meal with too many oranges to count (remembering that Vitamin C aids in the absorption of iron) and a big mug of organic mint tea.

I know that these pre-packed faux meat products aren't the most nutritional, and I don't advocate a diet that relies on them. But, in a pinch, on a messy winter night like last night, they can be a life saver. Quick, filling, packed with protein. This was my first time trying the satay skewers and, I am happy to report, they were surprisingly tasty with a little kick at the end. I highly recommend!

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