Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's past Noon, prank-time is over, time to get serious. As today is the first day of April, the month of Earth Day, I thought it appropriate to change focus a little. Green and vegan are often lumped together, for a number of reasons, so I thought it would be fun to look at all things green (and vegan) for the month of April.

What better way to start than to educate ourselves a little?

Earthlings takes a hard look at the true nature of our relationship with animals and nature: economics. Earthlings is incredibly moving and forceful, holding nothing back. Brace yourself.

In my past life, I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with Director Shaun Monson--a kind and passionate person who lives what he preaches. I've heard rumblings that he has already begun work on his next project, which I am eagerly anticipating.

Fuel,the Sundance Award winning documentary from Josh Tickell, explores America's destructive relationship with oil.

The film is currently traveling across the US. Consult the website for local listings.

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